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  • "ink pads are at the end of user life" error

    I've had my Artisan 800 for about 2 years and now it has an error message saying the ink pads are at the end of their service life and won't let me print any more. Epson FAQ link says replace the printer. Is there a way to reset the life on ink pads?

  • When Color Ink is empty, it wont allow me to print black text

    why wont epson allow a black text page to print? They block it by saying the other colors are low or out, but after buying a brand new black cartrdige it still won't allow me to print text, even after selecting "black/grayscale" as a color option! Yikes!

  • printing onto dvds

    I need info on printing onto dvds. I need to scan existing dvd artwork and then print it onto a blank printable dvd or cd. also make up my own cd/dvd art and lettering and print it onto new blank discs. Anyone actually done all this, especially the first question? Thanks

  • Wired/Wireless & special paper

    Can the Artisan 800 connect via USB to a desktop while simultaneously connecting wirelessly to non-wired network computers? Is the issue I've read that it works best with Epson paper true only about photos or general printing?