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Question: Can Epson Artisan 700 print disc designs created in Photoshop?

I am a photographer who needs the ability to print on CD/DVD discs. I am considering the Epson Artisan 700 because I can get a good deal on it. My question is: Using the Artisan 700, can I make a complete disc design with Photoshop and then send it to the printer to print onto a disc, or can the disc design only be created using the software that Espon provides?

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    I know this is an old post, but I'm facing the same issue. I had an HP Premier which could print directly from Photoshop but it died prematurely. I just bought an Epson Artisan 800 (for these purposes same as 700, 710, 810). Photoshop finds it but it won't let me select the CD/DVD disc tray. So I called Epson's "dedicated help" line and the non-English speaker I reached there told me it can not print from anything but the Epson Disk software, but that I could import my image into that. I will say that software looks much more sophisticated than HP's equivalent, but every time I tried to print from it it crashed (latest version). So as a work around I saved the Photoshop file as a jpeg and put it on an SD card. This will print when stuck directly in the printer slot, but of course with a jpeg you loose quality/colors, not bad but not as good an image as I got from the HP (straight from Photoshop).

    I can't believe there isn't some tweaking that could make this print straight, it seems like an obvious use. So if anyone knows, please post.

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