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  • Canon MP980

    Can you scan other size negatives with the Canon MP980,such as 120 film or 4x5 or do they have to be in a particular negative holder as the 35 negs are ?

  • Pixma MP980: print labels on CDs/DVDs?

    Does the Canon Pixma MP980 print on CDs/DVDs?

  • What is the best way to connect, Wireless or USB

    What is the best way to connect, Wireless or USB

  • MP980 and Black & White

    I am more interested in printing B&W than colour and have seen it demonstrated when the prints done were very impressive. But as it was a Canon set-up demo, you would expect that they would be.
    Can anyone using it say what they think of the quality of the B&W prints, please?

  • paper thickness

    does this printer take thicker paper?

  • Subject: Lowering the Print Head Lever

    Subject: Lowering the Print Head Lever

    I have been trying to set up my new PIXMA MP980 and got as far as inserting the Print Head. However, I could not lower the Print Head Lever so I could proceed with the set up process. I have tried "pinching" the lever per manual instructions, although I am not quite sure which part of the lever to pinch.

    I tried several times sending email for tech support but all I get are messages that says no one is available to a=respond to my particular question. Because it is a weekend, I am stuck till I can get phone support on Monday. (Moral of story: do not try setting up stuff unless it is a weekday during office hours.)

    Please instruct me what to do next.

    Should I close the Scanning Unit cover until I can get a human tech support to walk me through this process? If so, how do I do that since the Lever cannot be lowered? Should I turn off the power and/or unplug the printer?

  • Canon PIXMA MP980

    Will this device scan old negatives and color slides? Also, will it print labels on CD/DVD's?