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  • Ink Cartridge Question and Info on GREAT deal! I just got at Sta

    I just got back from Staples with a PIXMA MP640 which I got from their clearance wall for 39.99!!! I was sure I'd get home and look up the reviews and find out it was a lemon - but other than the grumpy gal above - it seems that people have had good luck with it! My question is - will I be able to buy only the cartridges I need as I need them - or when you run out of black - do you have to replace them all anyhow? I anticipate mainly using my printer for printing black ink docs so I just wondered about that.

  • Printing when one of the cartridges is empty?

    can you print in black when one of the other color cartridges is empty?

  • 1. Is direct print on writeable DVD/CD's possible? how?

    1. How do I print on DVD/CD's?
    2. What is the given CD tray good for and how should it be used?
    3. Can I print directly on a printable DVD/CD?