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  • Thank you Eric B

    Ty for your post on the improper default Bios voltage setting for the FX 8350 CPU.
    I found your post doing my homework & just looking for more info. I just ordered the 990FXA-GD80 V2. Not sure what Bios it will have when I get it, but will keep my eye's open & see what happens.
    I had the 8350 on an MSI 970a-G46 Mobo. The CPU was on the compatibility list.
    Had it running with default Bios & noticed games freeze,like in Unreal Tournament when I move my player around moving forward would freeze. I'd have to back off the direction arrow key,then push forward again,only to see it freeze again a few moments later. I'm now wondering is it's a voltage problem as well, on the 970a-G46 Mobo. Just wondering even though I wont be using it now.
    I also spoke to the Tech's at MSI about using the 8350 on the 990FXA-GD80, & they said it's truly the only Mobo that is compatible with the 8350,cuz the 8350 is really a 140W CPU although stated as 125W.. So,, did AMD make a mistake saying the 8350 is 125W when it's truly 140W & needs Mobo's that support 140W CPU's?
    Any comment here is greatly appreciated.