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  • What pci tv card compatible with Intel DP45SG motherboard?

    What pci tv card compatible with Intel DP45SG motherboard?

  • monitor and DP45SG motherboard

    building my first pc...having problems figuring out where the monitor attaches to the motherboard of a DP45SG

  • I installed DDR3 1333 MHz and Quad 6600 but show only 1066 MHz

    Manually, I set the 1333 MHz then with two beep computer freezes. This module is from Crucial and compatible with this board. XP sp3 intalled.

  • audio probs with xpsp2 with DP45SG mobo

    i have this mobo with the E8400 cpu, PX9800GT, 2Gb Trancend Ram,
    XP pro with SP2 installed, but for some reason all the drivers on the disk install except the audio drivers, it fails during the install, it is for HD sound, when the KB888111 is installed it still does nothing, ive tryid doing it all the intel way but it still fails at the end, even when i disable the sound in the BIOS before i load windows, afterwards still gives the same thing when i enable it again...

    plz help!