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  • what brand and model of mouse does it support

  • Can i put one 2 gb ram module on this

    I want to upgrade the total amount of ram on this mobo. I already have 2 1gb sticks installed. So 2 slots remain unused. my question is should i buy a 2gb memory stick and in which slot should i put it in? wil it cause any problems.
    thanks in advance

  • Suggest a motherboard

    i have a pentium dual core processor 2.86 GHz with 1 512mb 667 RAM,NVIDIA 8600 GT 512 graphics card..I previously had ASUS P5RD2-VM motheboard which doesnot work due to heating problems...i want to buy a new motherboard with price range 2000-3500..Will this motherboard support my processor...Please suggest any other motherboard in this price range...P.S. I have a good graphic card so lower onboard graphics works for me