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  • Question about memory..

    I have this board P5KPL-AM-EDU, I put on 2Gb memory, the first time I used it works well, however, after I decided to put on another 1Gb memory, instead it should be faster it became slower in spite of 3Gb memory..
    can anyone explain what should I do? Thanks in advanced...

  • Stok or OC ????

    First of all sorry for my poor english.
    I have this mobo P5kpl-am,proc E5300 2.6ghz"stok" and Sapphire HD 4670 1gb
    and some boring PSU 350W
    Have tried many times to OC the processor,but i can't go it up to 3.0ghz
    iven i bumpet up all voltage to max. So finaly i live it to 3.0ghz with auto v core voltage and 1.3 over voltage , but i dont know yet is it stable or not? You should know, this is my first time trying to OC. I started Prime95 for 20 min and the temp diden't go up to 53C' i turn off prime95 cos i was bored waiting,and start playng crysis in midium sett about 2 hours,and it work's fine, but was no diferenc! my fps falls doun to 15 and juped to 40 agen. So OC was nothing.