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  • does this board support Windows 7?

    will it support Windows 7? Why does only one memory slot work when using (2) 2gb stick of memroy?

  • USB controlers work as USB1 only

    Hi guys!

    All USB ports on M4A78 PRO work as USB1 and not as USB2.
    Even a USB2 PCI card functions as USB1!
    There appear on devide manager a USB controller as USB2 but no mater where I plug a devide, never connects to this one.

    Updated BIOS but nothing happened.

    Any clues?

    Many thanx,


  • Can't get it to boot with more than one memory stick installed

    I've got problems getting 4 gigs of of OCZ memory running. I can only get it to boot if only one stick is installed at a time (doesn't matter which). Otherwise, it doesn't even POST. Memory is the OCZ2RPR10664GK 4GB PC2-8500 (DDR2-1066). It's not listed in the manual, but a half-dozen other OCZ models are... and I don't think there's a single 4GB listing IIRC.