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  • Blue screen on VGA monitor

    I have my M3N78-VM set up with 2 screens. One on the VGA and one on the DVI. From time to time the VGA has been going to a blue screen. The only way I can get it back up again is to hard boot the machine. When I do that it takes for ever for the machine to boot. The problem seems to be confirmed that it is the motherboard VGA controller and not the monitor as I switched the monitor cables and the blue screen came up on the second monitor. My question is 2 vold: Is the problem most likely to be in the mother board and could this also be the reason for the slow booting of the computer?

  • S/PDIF Connection?

    I recently built a new system with this mopbo. The only problem I have encountered thusfar is with the S/PDIF out port on the back. I am using the onboard audio, (no audio PCI card installed). I am trying to connect my pc to my Kenwood 5.1 surround sound sysytem through this port, but can't seem to get a signal from my pc to the receiver. Any suggestions?