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  • how would u mount this thing?

    how would u mount this thing?

  • How is the sound quality if you use it as a TV

    How is the sound quality if you use it as a TV

  • Power indicator light

    The power indicator light on the lower right front of tv is quite large (approx. 1 1/2"), arched and bright red. It looks like a glowing ember. Is this normal or a defect?

  • Is fine print crisp and clear on the T260HD?

    I am considering getting the T260HD to use as primarily as a monitor. I bought an LG 32" 1080p TV and am not happy with it when I connect it to my laptop and try to look at fine print on spreadsheets. kinda blurry and shadows. Im not sure if that's because its larger (32") screen or is it my laptop? Will the T260HD's resolution (1900x1200) be much different than my LG's (1900x1080) when viewing fine print?

  • Outdoor picture quality for samsung T260HD

    I plan on hanging from ceiling on a deck. Do you think
    the picture quality will be ok? Not too worried about sound since it will mainly be used for watching baseball.

  • Samsung T260HD video input

    hi all, i just got a new t260HD for as TV. but when i plugged in my digital set up box (cable tv), i did not have any colour appearing on the tv. but when im not using the digital set up box, there would be colour, ie from dvd player. then i was told that for the cable tv to have colour, i must plug the red white yellow cable into the video input. however, i realised that there is not video input for t26t0hd, it only has component. May i ask, where is the video input for the t260hd ? because the cable guy said that component would not work, only video input would give me colour. please help~~~ thanks in advance~