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  • What is the best 23-24" 3D monitor with HDMI 1.4 support?

  • Is the quality of an integral webcam worth the extra money?

  • 19"-20" computer LCD - best resolution at minimum 4 ft. away?

    For over a decade, I could not find even ONE forum dedicated to people who require monitors that are tolerable to sensitive eyes (which in turn, can be associated with sensitive nervous systems).
    It's like there's a total blackout on such info. I constantly find myself having to BEG favors of those who were lucky enough to own lots of monitors, to be so generous as to indulge me the info that I require. Usually resulting in nothing but snide, mocking responses. How I wish the tables get turned one day soon, so they should see what pain they caused!

    For example, my Q at this particular time, is that I'm seeking a Matte LCD monitor (emphasis: absolutely NOT an LED monitor)...
    ...that's NOT too big YET large enough to be placed a MINIMUM OF FOUR FEET from where I sit & type.
    So, my question is, what size monitor PLUS resolution is the optimal combo for me?

    I'm thinking a 19" to 20" (maximum diagonal)
    ...but what resolution?

    Here's my problem - I currently have a 17" Dell laptop that's approx. 40" away from me. The problem is, I'd specifically sought a 1440x900 native resolution because "experts" had recommended that resolution as optimal.

    Turns out, I'm now discovering that I need to drag the slider down to 800x600, in order to be able to view the text from where I'm seated.
    But that caused the text to become "stubby" - I.E. text became wider, but not heightened, thus more faint & less sharp.

    I prefer not having the laptop closer to me, for fear my eyes/nerves will become even more zapped, as they have till now, due to close proximity of various screens.

    So, having read of others in my situation who solved their intolerance issues by moving their monitors further back (or else taking the ultimate step of using projectors) - I've therefore decided on this plan of action.

    Please - if there's anyone left in the world with some decency vs. mockery - I'll again repeat the gist of my Q, and hope this time around the response won't be misguided:

    On a 19" or 20" - which NATIVE RESOLUTION is optimal for anyone wanting to view monitor from a MINIMUM OF FOUR FEET AWAY?

    And also:
    which brands of monitors are currently most similar to the old Sony Trinitron CRTs as well as those shielded military monitors which the criminal gov't environmentalists banned due to lead BUT which were easy on the eyes?

  • What LCD monitor with hdmi has the best performance for ps3?

  • What is the difference between LCD Monitors and LCD Displays?

  • Phillips 18.5 Inch 192EI Black ?

    Especially this specifications below : yes / no

    - dvi ?
    - speaker / port audio-input ?
    - full hd ?
    - response time (ms) ?
    - price ?


  • Seeking advice on a dual monitor setup, which two to buy?

    I'm looking to buy two new monitors. For the past 4-5 years I've always had two monitors hooked up to my computer and I don't think I'll ever go back to just one. Looking for advice on which two monitors to buy. I do everything from typing up reports, to working with photoshop and playing games. Currently I have two 19" Viewsonic VX924 monitors. One of them is starting to fail.

  • Analog vs. Digital

    Just purchased a MultiSync LCD2490W2-BK-SV. I like to be able to adust monitor sharpness, but an NEC rep told me the only way I can control that is via analog. Is there a difference between analog and DVI as far as viewing quality? My main use for this monitor will be photography work...

    Thanks so much!

  • Integrated monitor management software

    I have an Eizo FlexScan SX2462W and an ATI Radeon HD 4890 (Sapphire version) graphic card. I use display-port between them.

    I am looking for a kind of integrated monitor management software that is capable of providing the following functions:

    * Each application (e.g. photo editors, office applications, internet browsers) can be associated with a profile, containing the applied resolution and a particular colour-profile stored in Eizo's ScreenManager. It goes without saying that for photo editing applications I would use the settings of the latest monitor calibration and the maximum resolution. For text applications I intend to use lower resolution and a much lower brightness level (to save my eyes).
    * When I start an application, the monitor management software would apply the associated profile automatically.

    I do not know whether ScreenManager has any interface that such a third-party monitor management software application could use to select a predetermined (saved) set of brightness/contrast/RGB parameters. ATI Radeon has its Catalyst Control Centre software, but one can save only the resolution into a profile, and profiles can be launched only manually (by hot-keys).

    Do you have any suggestion?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  • Was wondering which brand Monitor one would recommend these days

    Was wondering which brand Monitor one would recommend these days, and if I have a HD Video Card, that supports HDMI 1080P resolutions, do I need to go for a HDMI Monitor? Thanks any help would clear my confusion and be much appreciated. Also if someone would like to point me to a good site for these monitors would be nice too :) hehe

  • Looking for a 20ish inch LCD monitor, $150-$230

    My boyfriend is a gamer and I want to get him a monitor for Christmas andI'm just wondering what monitor would be the best for that price range? Also, what is better: an LG or Samsung for monitors? Thanks for your help!!!

  • LCD Over Sharpness

    I just switched from a CRT to an LCD and purchased an NEC MultiSync P221W. I realize there is a difference in sharpness from one to the other, but my new NEC is too sharp - to the point where I can't stand it! All photos look oversharpened. I don't see anything anywhere as far as sharpness adjustment. Is there such a thing with an LCD? Does calibration help this? Right now it's straight out of the box - no adjustments made. I'm really frustrated and need some input from you LCD wizards...

  • monitors LCD or HD

    What is difference between LCD and HD monitors

  • What is a good 1920x1200 monitor? Not too expensive.

  • why do people use monitors

  • Which monitor for photo/artwork/graphics

    I am searching for monitors that are especially geared towards graphics/photography and digital art. I would appreciate any feedback and/or recommendations from all artists. Thanks.

  • Samsung P2350

    I'm looking for some recommendations for this monitor on the net, but I can't seem to find any relating to performance or comparisons with other monitors. Does anyone know anything on this monitor?

  • I'm looking for a LCD 4:3 or 5:3 mostly for text and charts.

  • Looking for decend LCD for PS3/HD video playback

    Looking for LCD for PS3/HD video playback. So far I have the following list in my mind: BenQ G2411HD, Acer H233H and ViewSonic VX2433WM. Acer H22H 23" is the cheapest among the others but I had heard issues like light leaking and maybe unresponsive touch panel after long term use? BenQ G2411HD look ideal but I couldn't find any product review on it, even on Google! Maybe the product is new? While ViewSonic VX2433WM, on the other hand, have multiple input but I doubt I'll need the component or composite port. So far I had BenQ G2411HD or Acer H233H on my mind but couldn't decide between them too. Any ideas?

  • Looking for any alternatives to a Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP

    I am Looking for any alternatives to a Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP. Dell is currently offering it for $500.00 with Free shipping. I would prefer the monitor have an HDMI port but it's not a requirement. Any ideas would be appreciated.