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Question: monitor shuts down!!!!!!!!!!

Why is it common to all of us who bought the LG L194WT-BF, that all of a sudden the monitor shuts down and does not turn on again. Even though we checked all the connections etc... is this the defect of this product? can you help us with this problem??? thanks.....

  • Re: monitor shuts down!!!!!!!!!!

    Does it ever turn back on again? If not then I would suspect what causes this type of failure in nearly every monitor I work on, bad, swollen capacitors. If you open the monitor up and look at the power supply you can see the physically swollen capacitors, remove and replace them with the same uf and voltage if you can find one, or the same uf and higher voltage but same footprint if you cannot.

    I have had only one monitor where this did not correct the issues with power, or dimly lit display that is typically diagnosed as a bad backlight.

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