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I recently purchased an acer x223w and have noticed that images displayed are fatter than they originally are. If you have a circle the monitor displays it as a slight oval with the fatness around the equator of the circle. In short any image of a person will appear fatter than they really are.

Tried to adjust the width via the monitor’s menu but it does not allow such adjustments. While control panel has a width adjustment it does not appear to take (no effect on the image).

Have current drivers for the monitor and have reviewed this with the acer support staff. Their only suggestion was to take the monitor and hook it up to another computer. Inquired about the video card as the computer is an older model (purchased in the early 2000’s) using windows 2000 professional.

As I am doing graphic arts this is a real problem as everything is wider around the equator. A true square will appear as a fat rectangle or my girl friend looks like she has been eating a wee bit too much and should shed some lb’s.

Any thoughts? New video card (and if so what would you recommend)?


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    Did you attempt to adjust the screen resolution? You need to do that and select a resolution that works with the monitor. (Look for the one that shows the wides possible monitor set up and choose that one.) This monitor is not a true 16:9 screen, so if you select a traditional wide screen setting it will show you an ellipse instead of a perfect circle.

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