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Question: sharp r1214 microwave door swing dimensions

My mom is redoing her kitchen and has space for a 24" microwave unit. this microwave seems to fit, but she has the 24" wall cabinet (which the microwave will hang from) to the right of a wall oven unit. So the microwave will sit flush/next to the wall oven unit. My question is- does the door need additional room to swing open? I can order a filler piece for the wall cabinet (we can squeeze in maybe an inch or so) but I don't want to do this, or order the microwave until I'm sure this will work. [BTW, i've already called Sharp- no help, and a few different providers- no one has it in stock and can answer this for me.] please help!

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    I asked Customer Support at Sharp the same question. They told me "3 inches" which sounded like a cop out. I also can't find a model to look at in the entire city of Tucson, AZ.

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