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  • A mouse to work

    Hi, I'm looking for the mouse to work - i.e.:

    - normal size (I've got rather small hands, so slightly smaller mouse is not a problem, but I don't like laptop mice - they are way too small)
    - buttons are not too stiff - I tried a few mice which fit, but they all had stiff buttons
    - can be used in both hands - I switch hands sometimes. The mouse does not have to be perfectly symmetrical, but I want to use it with left hand as well sometimes
    - preferably is not a gaming mouse - they don't like them at work
    - is not too expensive

    Thanks in advance.

  • what is best & simplest corded mouse?

    What is the best & simplest corded mouse?

  • Logitech v500 left button not working

    I have 2 Logitech v500 and both of the mouse's left click button does not function. I even tried them on different computers but to no avail. Also download the software from Logitech and it does not display any of the functions for any part of the mouse.

  • pointer on intellimouse 8000 quit working. I have re-install...

    pointer on intellimouse 8000 quit working. I have re-installed the software. No luck. Bluetooth shows connectivity. Any suggestions