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  • I need help setting up my wireless mouse. Help!!!!!!

    I misplaced the directions on how to setup my wireless mouse and I really would like to use it. Can anyone out there help me out? I really would appreciate it. Thanks. Susan from Clarkston, MI

  • Have you tried replacing the battery?

    It seems impossible to remove the battery. I have succesfully removed the cap, however the battery is stuck in a manner that you cant get a grip of it and there is nothing that will push it out.

  • Magnify function

    Why doesn't it magnify the screen as expected? All it does is activate a specific application's zoom function. NOT the same thing!

  • Why did my mouse stop working?

    I was in the middle of creating a Word document. One second, my mouse was working, the next second, it wasn't. I tried pushing the connect buttons on both the USB device and the mouse itself. I changed the battery, I tried a different port, and I tried rebooting my computer. Is there anything else I can try?

  • Accidently bumps on USB port loses connection?

    I can just BARELY bump the USB port to the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse, and it loses connection, is there a way i could download/edit the drivers to disable this? I have the latest drivers, but this is an annoyance. Thanks

  • Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000

    Does this mouse have a delete button or one that can be configured to delete?

  • angel

    Can anyone tell me how is the maximum of distance between PC and the mice.Thank YOU!

  • why my mouse doesnt work?

    my mouse doesnt work, in fact, it doesnt works never, what happened with it?