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  • Deleting songs

    Is there some way to delete songs/files on the go, directly from the player? Or do I have to connect to my computer to delete something? Have looked in manual--does not address--so I guess you can't do it. I listen to downloaded NPR shows and like to delete them as soon as done listening.

  • Problem charging

    I have bought 2 of these and each one is having the same problem. After a few months of use, I went to plug them in when the battery was low, and it would indicate "full" the second I plugged it in, without even charging. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • what are the video format types supported by this player ?

    What are the video format types supported by this player NWZ-E436F and also provide me the website where i can find this software(for downloading) ?

  • can Sony NWZ-E436F be used to read ebooks in MSWord,Adobe format

  • How to create a playlist file that I can use with the player?

    I created one using windows media player 11, but when I dragged the playlist into the player, it wasn't recognized, so I'm wondering, how is the way one creates a playlist for this player.