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  • My EmoDio doesn't convert the videos, how to fix?

    My friend who also has the YP-T10 and the EmoDio player program thing told me that the EmoDio can convert most of the different video formats into wmv or svi so that the T10 can read it. But then wen i use the EmoDio to move/convert the video into the T10, the player just closes... When i open back the player nothing got converted, so basically EmoDio just closed down when i tried to convert a video. Then i read somewhere in a forum that EmoDio is a bug? is that true? :S thanks.

  • will this play all music formats?

  • firmware, games, and alarm clock.

    the new samsung yp-s3 has different games and an alarm clock. i was wondering if i could download the firmware from the s3 and and put it on my t10 so i could get those games and an alarm clock. would it actually work? of would it mess up my t10?