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  • what MP3 players play overdrive WMA files

    What mp3 players play Over Drive WMA files. The new players will not play encrypted files.

  • New Device

    I have digitized my whole CD and Vinyl Music Collection. It is currently stored on a 1 TB external hard drive. I would like to play the music through my stereo system. I have a Denon AMR-3200 Amp. What device do you suggest that would be in between the external hard drive and my amp? Thanks

  • What is the Easiest, best MP3 player to use for audio books?

  • Need a simple mp3 player for music on hold in my office

    I need to obtain a cheap, simple MP3 player to use as a music on hold. Do any of these come with ac adapters? Are any of them more user friendly for this purpose?

    btw - love this site.

  • What's Wrong with My Mp3

    Hello,my mp3 doesn't work recently.And I check the different function models,failing to listening to voice from it.If anyone has the same experience,please give me a reply.Thanks!

  • How do I put my GPX MW3816 in shuffle mode

  • Seeking simple MP3 for use on my motorcycle

    My cycle's audio system can plug into MP3 player at earbud socket & play thru system. Want simple unit JUST for music, w/random play & 12v. hookup to recharge battery on bike. Thank You...Old Tom

  • High sound quality + mass volume MP3 Player

    I'm looking for a player with the following:
    (1) To use primarily for music, I want high quality sound.
    (2) The player shuld have a good speaker set, that I can just place it to listent to music at home (I've seen it with the ipod, don't know which other brands have
    it.. )
    (3) 20GB Minimum. I nead big volium.


  • how do i download music to my mp3 every time i do it it says

    everytime i drag music it dosent download what am i doing wrong or infact why wont it work?

  • What is the way to add mp3's to your player, I have my music in

    What is the way to add mp3's to your player, I have my music in i tunes and CD's want to add them to my new player

  • why is my mp3 player suddenly saying no flies???there is lots of

  • looking for a mp3 player with a 12 equalizer and high output

    I recently lost my Meizu M6 mp3 player with had a 12 band equalizer and a very high output and a 40+ hour battery life I am looking for something comparable preferably 8gb or more.

  • Nominate the player that provides best acoustics please.

    I'm looking for a portable player that has the following:
    - Produces the best sounds and acoustics, since i'll be using high quality earphones.
    - Supports Lossless Audio formats, such as Flac, Apple Lossless, etc. , since my high quality earphones will need those qualities.
    - Large drive space, since each of those high quality format songs average at 20-30mb per song. Preferrably at least 30GB of space.

    My main concern is finding one that gives good sound quality. I've been comparing the Creative Zen X-Fi2 and the Ipod Classic. However, both these haven't had much good comments so far. I don't care much if the player supports video or pictures, since all I'm using it for is music.

  • What memory card do I use for my element 2gb mp3 player

    what memory card do I use for my element mp3 player, 2gb?

  • Cowon D2 vs S9

    I have been struggling with the choice of the S9 or D2. I am more interested in audio quality and not video. Having the additional storage on the D2 is a plus. What is the UI like on the D2 vs S9? I have read reviews that the D2 UI is somewhat confusing. I also understand that you can upgrade the UI of the D2 using the firmware upgrade for the D2+ does that improve it? I understand that the UI for the S9 is much better, is this actually true. Sadly there are no shops here where I can review in person, so will have to buy on-line. So the key areas are:

    Audio quality
    UI (will Cowen stop producing firmware upgrades for D2? If so can you use D2+?)
    $ value
    With the S89 having Bluetooth, can you access the internet?

    I would change the earphones. I find that the earphones from the regular iPods fit very comfortably so if you could suggest similar size ones I would appreciate it. I have a pair of B&O Earset 3 great sounding but they heart my ears after a while. I have Sennheiser PX100, but need something for walking/jogging. Any suggestions. I believe Shure make the best? But a little too expensive. Thumping bass is not what I want but great overall sound quality.

    I do hope you have some time to reply, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Many thanks

  • mp3 player

    when i delete music from my mp3 player it sends the music that i deleted to a file and when i try to add music back to the mp3 it cut short the amount of songs that i can add. my question is how do i delete those files?

  • zirconium zr-atom portable media player?

    There is a portable media player called the Zirconium zr-atom and the one I was looking at is the 2gb. I would like to know if this is a good media player. because I can not find any reviews for it online anywhere

  • Looking for a durable MP3 player with 2GB

    My brother keeps breaking his MP# player he has gone through 3 in 1 year. is the a MP#play able to take the abuse and keep playing music?

  • Is a MP3 player a good christmas present for a 10 year old?

    I'm not sure what I should buy for one of my relatives. But is a MP3 player a good gift for a 10 year old? And what model would be a good choice? At the moment I'm either going for a MP3 player or a Xbox game. But I figure his parents will buy him Xbox games, plus I wouldn't have a clue what game to buy. Please help!