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  • which video format will play in 4gb philips go gear ariaz

  • why does it take so long for songs to download

  • Volume Reglemantation in Europe

    Hello, I have bought the Philips GoGear Ariaz 8GB in Austria and would like to know ig there is a way to bypas the volume reglementation for Europe. In relation to other mp3 players like Samsung or Sandisk Sansa, the high volume of the Philips device is like a whispering ...



  • How can I download videos and films on this player?

    Can you download videos and films on this player? And how, i would really appreciate if anyone could answer.


  • Are the playlist-on-the-go files accessible from my computer?

    I want to be able to access the playlist-on-the-go files from the computer (like to upload one of those playlists into my computer and write a script that deletes all of the songs in it).
    are those files accessible from the computer? i can't seem to find them in the windows explorer.
    or on the other hand - can i add files to playlists which are not on-the-go, without connecting to a computer?

    would love an answer. thanks a lot guys!