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  • how do i change the language

  • Ipod classic synching problem

    I created a playlist with 100 songs in. When I synch my Ipod, I only see 42 songs in the playlist. Can somebody tell me why ?

  • What's so cool about I-Pods?

    I'm new to this technology, so please give me pros and cons of owning and operating an I-pod in my car. Please explain I-tunes too. Is there a subscription for the service???

  • Physical size dimensions between the 6th gen and the 7th gen...

    Is there any difference in the physical size between the 6th gen and 7th gen classic? I am looking to buy a case for my 7th gen, but I found a 6th gen case I like. Will it fit?

  • Which is better the 6th or 7th Generation Ipod Classic?

    any major differences?

  • 6th or 7th Generation Ipod Classic...Is there a difference?

    Hi There, I am an Ipod novice, just got my first 16 gig Nano and LOVE it! I am planning to purchase a 120 Gig Classic for the Hubby for V-day. The ads mention 7th and 6th generation, but I cannot find a commparison, or what features the 7th may now have and need to know if there are any major differences or improvements. Should I be looking for the 7th specifically? Any advice or info would be greatly appriciated so that I can wow the Hubbs with my dazzling techno skills. Thanks!