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Question: Assistance Please - White Elephant (NMH405)

Having bought this gem (term used loosely), I proceeded to, as with all new hardware update the firmware to the latest (as of 17 Sep 2010). There the issue begins. I have about 46Gb of MP3 and under Firmware Ver 2.17.8 all works fine, songs sort & and all graphics show. The time taken to sort is about 4 Hrs. Now the issue - update firmeware to 2.18.15 and it all turns to poo - sorting seems to get stuck around the 47% mark and resetting/restarting only results in minor changes - I want the new features in the latest firmeware, however, due to the NMH405s lack of responsiveness reverting to the ealier version is the only option. Does anyone out there know if Cisco/Linksys care about all of the negative PR this unit gets and if they are going to do anymore upgrades. BTY I Have 2 x 1 Tb Western Digital drives in a Raid 1 config. They work fine in the old firmware!