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Question: Video card replacement?

I have a Sattellite l555d laptop that is just over 1 month old, the video has gone crazy appearing with a horizontal line about halfway down the screen with the bottom half looking like an epileptic siezure, I have been informed by customer service that this is hardware related and not covered by warrenty and could run as much as $450 to repair!! I paid less then $600 for it on sale. Is this something a lay person can repair?? I can dismantle and reassemble any desktop but I have to admit I know nothing about laptops.
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    That sucks I will tell you im not much of a computer machinc but i d no that most parts are the same as in a computer to a laptop if you know how to tear a computer a part then tinker with your laptop just dont go grazy most things can be fixed by the average human being its just were to lazy so we send them off to someone who isnt...

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