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  • I just recently got the Toshiba Satellite L555

    Does it hook to HDMI.And I got a the G2x from T-mobile and it says dosent recognise the driver.

  • Video card replacement?

    I have a Sattellite l555d laptop that is just over 1 month old, the video has gone crazy appearing with a horizontal line about halfway down the screen with the bottom half looking like an epileptic siezure, I have been informed by customer service that this is hardware related and not covered by warrenty and could run as much as $450 to repair!! I paid less then $600 for it on sale. Is this something a lay person can repair?? I can dismantle and reassemble any desktop but I have to admit I know nothing about laptops.
    Please Help

  • why is my webcam not working

    i uninstalled the application it came with and restarted the lap top , but it still doesn't work at all, keeps saying locked in another application even though nothing else is open with it

  • how do i set the color quality to 16 bit