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  • Samsung batn150plus battery life

    Most user reviews place this netbook's battery life at minimum 5 hours at maximum capacity, and at leat 7 or 8 hours at minimum capacity. Can anyone tell me then why my battery only goes up to 5 hours at minimum capacity (screen brightness low, bluetooth off, even deep functions in Windows turned off, e.g. indexing, etc). Obviously, something's wrong here. Is my battery screwed and should I buy a new one?

    Note: I can imagine that the Malaysian temperatures strain the fan a little, but this should skew the results that much...

  • how does one use the n150 to take stills

    how does one take stills with the N150 plus

  • How can i put the webcam on of the N150

  • Mains adaptor

    does the charger work in Europe/USA and vice versa, or is there a specific charger for each voltage area?

  • games for n150??