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  • apple

    Does apple computer have outlet store?

  • Pls suggest best laptop from the laptops selected DellStudio/HPd

  • what do you think of the Acer Aspire 5251-1513?

  • Laptop for Daytrader

    Looking for a laptop that I can have multiple web based programs running at the same time. Using as a daytrader. Need to be able to split screen so need a large screen. And, it needs to be fast.

  • What is a good laptop for a college student?

  • Recommended laptop for developer(programmer) + business meetings

  • SAGER vs. ASUS?

    Which is better, Sager notebooks or ASUS notebooks (on average).

  • How well do the laptop 3 fan cooling pads work ?

  • Best battery life


    Looking for 6 second user/refurbished laptops with WiFi for use in Spain
    Budget £125 per unit as I have to ship out!

  • Which laptop would be a good desktop replacement?

    I'm looking to get a new laptop to replace my desktop as i am always in need of a comp to play games when i am at my friends houses! my budget i am looking for is around $800+/- taxes that will last me a good couple of years. also it has to be for a gamer as i play a lot of MMO type games and a few FPS! so far i was thinking of these:

    Asus G51VX-RX05
    TOSHIBA Satellite A505-S6985
    Acer Aspire AS8735G-6502

    would like to know which is the best buy out of those or if anyone has any other suggestions for my requirements :)

  • what is the best laptop for basic college needs and some games

  • best laptop for a realtor

    I would like a web cam, blue ray, photo slot, a number keyboard on right, large clear screen, good sound from the built in speakers, cd burner and great speed.

    any thoughts?

    thank you

  • I would like a laptop with a blue ray, disk burner, photo sl

  • Need Laptop for Traveling

    I'm embarking on some overseas travel and need a small but semi powerful laptop. It should have a decent wireless card, and it will be used for word processing, storing pics and blogging and website management. Can anyone suggest something durable but reliable?

  • What are your suggestions?

    Im looking for a Laptop with a 14"-15.4" screen. I want to be able to run TheSims3. I also need to be able to multitask because I'm a university student and lectures can get rather boring. I would also like a blue one (there is a practical reason for this because my new Laptop will be the 6th in the house and Im tired of taking my sisters computer to class). I dont want to pay any more than $750 for it either. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Another help request for choosing laptops


    as many people here I need some advice for a new laptop.
    This are the characteristics I'm interested with:
    I will use the laptop for entertainment stuff, such as viewing movies and playing games.
    Given that I would like a rather cheap computer, I don't need the very recent model with perfect and powerful configuration; let's say a computer that is able to play the games of last year.
    I also would like a big screen (for movies), let's say 15" (I can go down to 14" but olny if I really really have to). If possible, with a screen that is not too sensitive to the position and doesn't invert the colors or such within a good range of angles.
    The audio system should also be at least decent, so that I don't necessarily have to watch all movies or listen to music with headphones.

    Thanks very much for your help!

  • What kind of laptop do you reccomend with the following criteria

    I would like one that can do basic stuff such as word processing and powerpoint and can get on the internet. I prefer wireless, but a cord is fine as well. I would like it to be durable and not too fancy as I will be bringing it into an inner city school building. I may also have to leave it in the car at times. price is also an issue since I am currently student teaching. Thanks for any help you can give.

  • Gateway - not a good investment

    What is any Gateway computer worth without a good warranty
    or customer service?

  • Dell E6500 vs Dell M4400 vs HP 8530p

    What you guys reckon?
    Dell E6500 vs Dell M4400 vs HP 8530p

    I travel a lot, so need a sturdy laptop.
    The machine will be heavily used for things like virtualization.
    The odd game.
    High resolution capability.

    Any comments?