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  • Dead MSI u100 screen.

    I bought a msi u100 a couple of months ago, brand new, it worked fine, sometimes i leave it on so the battery discharges totally, today i charged it and i switched it on, the fan only stayd on a couple of seconds and the screen doesnt come on, any ideas?

  • MSI Wind memory upgrade

    I have a MSI Wind u100. I have had it for 10 months and I love it. I have tried to upgrade the ram 3 times. Two times with cheapo memory from ebay and the last time with what bestbuy recommended DDR2 1 gb 400-667mhz. Each time my system starts crashing at random time, blue screens after 1-5 minutes. I did upgrade the bios. I don't see in the system setup program (when I press f11) anywhere where I can test the ram. I have read many reviews of other users being able to buy one 1gb and upgrade it just fine. Each time I pop the memory out it runs just fine. I love this thing, but I would really like to have 2gb of Ram. Any ideas?

  • Function keys

    The volume up and down is operated by the Fn and F7 & 8 keys and originally showed a coloured circle indicating the level. This circle has now disappeared - can anyone tell me how to get it back please?

  • how can i upgrade my msi u100 screen resolution to 1024 x 768?

    how can i upgrade my msi u100 screen resolution to 1024 x 768?

  • what webcam video software does the MSI wind use?

    what webcam video software does the MSI wind use? I had to do a complete recover and reloaded the drivers but the webcam video software/drivers that was on it i cannot find. Please Help

  • Will this work in Paris France for wifi?

  • how to set up built in camera.i cant able to see my chat mate

    im encountering problem in using the built in camera bec when im trying to invite my wife over the camera during our chat the system response camera not available.please give me feedback asap im too far and need to communicate with my family.thanks!

  • Wind display resolution a limitation for Office?

    The MSI Wind's display is 1024 x 600. MS Office and other Office packages all list in their System Requirements a minimum display resolution of 1024 x 768. Is this a real limitation or is it nothing to be concerned about?

  • Can I upgrade the ram? and how hard is it?