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Question: Love it!

I think my tm2 is awesome. I just got it on my birthday, and I gotta say, it's really entertaining. It's my first tablet pc, and it's wonderful. Something to buy after you buy the laptop : A laptop case , and a laptop cooler/pillow. Trust me, the laptop does get hot after some youtube videos. But it doesn't slow down, so it's all good. If you have some teenager/pre-teens/ just toddlers, the Corel Paint It will make your long road trip fun! You can even download some movies onto windows media players, and watch them on the go! your children will have fun surfing the web with all its' touch features, even you will be amused! Cons - It gets hot , and the screen is not matte, as it is glossy. D: Pros - SCRREN DOES NOT GET AS DIRTY AS I THOUGHT! YAY!