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  • hp mini 110 1125nr The lights come on but the computer doesnt

    The screen doesnt come on the fan doesnt do anything but the power lights are lit up I do have an adminstrative profile and password on it and my 16 son messed with it could he have locked it down maybe

  • HP Mini 110 performance enhancement

    I've added the 2Gig to my HP Mini 110-1100 (?), what else can I do to increase it's performance? Is a more powerful cpu available? Using Windows 7 I am looking for hardware boosts if possible.

  • HP Mini Mi Edition

    does the cheaper on have enough memory for school

  • DVD/CD exetrnal drive for HP Mini 110 XP

    I am considering purchasing an HP Mini 110 XP edition series laptop. Question: Can I use a standard DVD/CD external drive for this model, or do I have to purchase an HP external drive? Thanks!