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  • Dell studio problems

    My dell studio power plug stop charging the battery. Dell changed the mother board but window vista wouldn't come up. Now they are going to change the hard drive. My daughter had the same problem. Has anyone else experience this problem.

  • Dell Studio 17 dvd burner

    i have a video of my scuba diving vacation and I want to duplicate it to distribute to my other family members. How do I do that. It is not explained in any instructions i have.

  • how do you turn on bluetooth on the Dell Studio 17 laptop?

  • Studio 17 vs XPS

    well i was debating about whether to get the XPS or the Studio 17...
    well, the studio 17 was configured thus -
    P8400 @ 1600MHz FSB and 3MB cache...(did they upgrade to penryn yet in this chip?)
    the Radeon 256MB 3650 card
    4 GB DDR2 ram and stuff...

    XPS was-
    the T7950
    256MB GeForce 8600GT card...
    3 GB RAM

    now, from what i've read, the XPS runs DDR3 gfx apparently...what about the studio 17?

    help strongly appreciated...
    technically inclined too :)

  • what about studio 17 speake,sound

  • Is there a Dock or port replicator that will connect to a sec...

    Is there a Dock or port replicator that will connect to a second monitor and other peripheral equipment?