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Question: How fast can the N71JQ's i7 CPU be safely run?

Some years ago I got a 17" Toshiba P25-S487 with dual 3-MHz P4's, specifically for shooping photos. Alas, the CPUs overheat and it shuts off when required to work. I tried replacing it with an Alienware Area51 which was much slower -- and Alienware/Dell's support totally sucked, not to mention the US$600 restocking fee. Alienware/Dell should go extinct, NOW.

So I need an affordable fast shooping machine, and I'll shop at CostCo. I'd thought of a Toshiba A665 but it's been recalled. This Asus N71JQ is a leading candidate. But I wonder about CPU speed. Specs say it can be TurboBoosted to 2.8-MHz, but at least one reviewer cautions about heat problems. Can this machine's i7 be run fast, safely? What is the realistic speed limit?

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    I've had my N71JQ for just over 6 months and it overheats and shuts down when I do tasks requiring lots of cpu. First noticed when using Starcraft 2 and Mumble, but now it can't stay on long enough to do a system recovery, etc. Thankfully the warranty is 24 months.

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