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Question: Graphics card not working! help please?

I bought it the other day. and i installed gta san andreas with a no cd crack so i didn't hav to use a disc.
and it chugs to all buggery. and it wasn't right. and then thought it could be the old game the tried gta IV with no cd crack and it chugged and was only using intergrated GFX card. i tried switching it. and then it wouldn't work. the man in officeworks said that it might not be workign because i'm running a crack.exe not the original thing? could this actually happen? please helllp.thanks

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    there is an issue with the GT 325M. Nvidia has claimed to fix this issue with the latest driver update. Has anyone tried the new driver, did it work? I am waiting to hear if this problem is resolved before I buy this laptop

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