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  • Asus K50Id or Toshiba L675

    I am trying to decide between this Asus laptop-K50ID and the Toshiba L675. The Asus has a Pentium T4400 and the Toshiba has an i3 in it. The Asus has dedicated graphics while the Toshiba has integrated graphics. The Toshiba also has a larger screen and a larger harddrive. The Asus has a led backlit display while the Toshiba does not. The laptop will be primarily used for surfing the web, checking e-mail, occasional downloading, watching a few movies, and playing web based games. I want the better computer for these functions. I an willing to sacrifice the larger screen size and hard drive of the Toshiba, if getting the i3 processor will run noticeably better than the T4400 the Toshiba has. I also would like to know if the graphics card in the Asus is worth consideration over the the integrated graphis in the Toshiba. I had to return a Toshiba C650 because the movie I played started choppy when first played (also had integrated) graphics). I also had the the cursor freeze for a bit when using the touchpad but eventually returned to normal.Cost is not a factor since there is only a $50 difference between both. Please help.

  • core temerature reaching 80

    my core temperature is running between 70 and 80 and has even shut down itself once, im not very good with computers but its got very hot and thinking its not suppose to do that or run at that temp could some 1 please give me advoice on this please,

    thank you

  • my base score is 4.1.what should i do to improve it to something

  • I am interested to buy this laptop but I am affraid because may

    I am interested to buy this laptop but I am affraid because maybe this laptop has a fabrical mistake,because the comparation between the prize and the high integrated hardware in it.If anyone know if this laptop has some fabrical mistakes please tell me

  • how switch between hd 3200 and hd 4570?

    i have windows 7 and only hd 3200 works. I dont know why i cant start hd4570, driver is ok i think so i want to know where i can change that?