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  • What is the difference between PE,PED,PEM,PU 17 ASUS 1015

    What is the difference between the PE, PED, PEM, PU17
    and do I need 2gb instead of 1?

  • Netbook for movies as well

    Dear Experts!!
    I'm a student in Europe and I need to buy a netbook but I truly need it to be as cheap as possible(around 350-450$) but of course not to be too limited...but rather comfortable and functioal...the 10.1 inch size screen its ok for me...and weight isnt an issue...
    I need it to be:
    - Working Battery 4 hours and more
    - to be able to play movies and sound smoothly and as well basic multimedia(not some super games) ,is it must be a super video card or smthing?
    -Keyboard comfortable enough for Ms office typing
    -Internet good wi-fi connection sensitivness

    Thank you very very much!!!!
    Marry christmas and a happy new year!!!:-)

  • Asus netbook models

    Asus 1015PEB-RD601 was ranked top netbook by consumer reports. I can't find that model anywhere except Best Buy and I've been told not to buy there. Can anyone tell me the difference between the PEB, PEM, PED, PN...?