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  • Is this laptop going to fill my needs?

    I am looking for a laptop to keep around the kitchen/living area of my house to use when needed to search and look for some information. Will this product fill my needs or should I consider something else?

  • Can this 532h be more fast with windows 7 starter?

    I want to find out a good solution to make my 532h-2ds more fast, because any response of this 532h-2ds under windows 7 starter is too slow.
    Is there any good idea?
    Or is it a good idear if I install XP or Win7 on this 532h-2ds?
    Please tell me any good idea.

  • No image when I start up machine

    My Aspire One 532h-2588 does show any picture when I press the on button. The on button turns blue and it sounds like something is going on internally, but no picture. What is the problem?

  • How much is it?

    how much is it? can i look this spec?