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  • Migro$oft wireless laser desktop 3000 kbrd problem

    at first my mouse wouldnt pair, but then it did and the kbrd went from(un-pired mouse) working 10' away no prob to(mouse-paired) only working slightly. ex: kbrd 1' away on my lap, no key strokes regestering, sitting directly infront of receiver, win button works but other strokes have wrong symbols, it worked perfect...
    it shows a full signal(prolly false neg)and full batt, if I remove the mouse nothing changes, I've used then on XP, and 7 the same, tried w&w/o intella-ware(point/type no change, p.s. not much if any interference here either.. any advice greatly appreciated, thanx Jon, vendor seems to have no problem making me look stupid at a busy service desk, where it just hops on and works }:( I asked about any special firmware? I.E. a version intellatype/kbrd for a diff set, because it works for them rite away. any help/ advice? much thanks.

  • Mouse & keyboard location related to transmitter

    Is it necessary for the mouse and keyboard to be on the same surface as the transmitter? I would like the transmitter to sit on the desk and the keyboard and mouse to sit on the sliding tray right under the desk.