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  • why my mouse 8000 is not movement exelent?!

    i have an Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 and vista sp2 x64! when i'm moving mouse the cursor not movement nicely! it's like jumping pixel in pixel with shaking! why my microsoft laser 8000 mouse is do this? what do am i?

  • blue tooth Microsoft Entertainment Desktop 7000 installation i

    I am not able to get my keyboard and mouse to work (Microsoft Entertainment Desktop 7000 ). The instalation wizard syas the mouse and keybaord have connected but then I get a pop upthat says there was a problem and you have to repeat the steps. after repeating the installation many times I get the same result. I do have Blue tooth installed on my laptop and it is working.

  • MS won't allow buying a new dongle, why?

    Microsoft won't allow me to buy a new dongle, instead they told to buy a whole new set. What are the most compatible generic bluetooth dongle out there and why won't MS let me buy one?