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  • problems typing double letters or backspace

    When typing two repeated keys (i.e rr) or the backspace you have to pause in between each key stroke. How can you return the keyboard back to normal?

  • Why do certain keys type 2 at a time?

    i.e. Why do certai[n keys typbe 2 at a ti]me? Also\, whe[n I hit the letter c - Assig[n favorite keys co]mes upb.

  • MS keyboard will not work in new USB port

    My new MS Ergonomic 4000 keyboard works fine if I plug it into the front panel USB port (which is USB 1.1), but NOT if I plug it into the USB 2.0 port I just installed in a PCI slot. I've verified that other devices in the newly installed USB ports are working. The problem starts at boot, with a "missing keyboard" error message.