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DS-122 is a 2.1 Audio Docking System designed for your 5G, 4G, 3G iPod®, iPod mini and iPod® nano.The subwoofer system delivers super powerful bassperformance. The docking mechanism offerssynchronization along with data transfer and willcharge your docked iPod®. The interchangeable docking adapters are included. You can easily control your iPod® music with the remote control.• Max. Power Output 20 Watts• Pre-Amplified & Magnetically ShieldedSATELLITES• 4 Watts per Channel• 4 x 1.5” Full Range DriversSUBWOOFER• 12 Watts with 4” Subwoofer Driver• Power On/ Off, Bass Control LevelDOCKING STATION• Signal Input: iPod® Docking Station, 3.5mm Stereo Input• Output: S-Video Output• Functions: Volume Controls, Standby/ Mute, Input Select (iPod®/ AUX)• Remote Control
Release Date
First seen
6 March 2008