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What is FreakScore?

FreakScore is our overall product score based on a combination of all expert and user reviews we have collected for a product.

The effect each individual review has on the FreakScore depends on various factors, such as:

  • Trust - Reviews from trusted, high-quality sources have higher importance.
  • Votes - Scores based on several votes are more reliable than scores with few votes.
  • Experts - Expert reviews are generally more important than user reviews.

FreakScore is also affected by product age. A product that rated well some years ago may no longer compare with the best of the more recent products. We compare the age of each product with its expected life cycle and reduce the FreakScore accordingly.

Products with few reviews will receive a FreakScore close to the category average. This ensures that the best (and worst) FreakScores stem from a reliable number of reviews. Too few reviews cause the score to become uncertain, which we mark with an asterisk (*).

A FreakScore of 10 is only awarded to the best products in each category, but not all categories have products of high enough quality to reach this score.