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Questions & Answers

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About TestFreaks

How many reviews does TestFreaks have in its database?

In excess of 15.5 million. We aggregate from 15,000 different sources worldwide, providing reviews on more than 450,000 products and this is growing daily.

Where do all the reviews come from?

Just about everywhere. We collect reviews from professional industry magazines, consumer review sites, and other retailers websites. Visitors to the TestFreaks sites can also add reviews.

Does TestFreaks have permission to use reviews from all these sources?

Under the “fair use” policy, we use snippets of reviews, and always quote the sources, therefore gaining permission for each review is not a requirement.

What information will TestFreaks collect about my site and my customers?

TestFreaks only collects information about your site and users that relates to the use of our services, and then only through the automatic collection of information by web servers that is stored in server logs, e.g. a user’s IP address, requested URL, type of web browser, etc.

Is the information I give to TestFreaks about my site confidential?

Yes, of course. We are also happy to sign a Non-disclosure agreement.

The Reviews & Score Badge Service

What categories do you provide scores and reviews for?

Everything within consumer electronics, such as digital cameras, cellphones, laptops, tablets, TV’s, Blu-ray players, projectors, hard drives, printers, scanners, monitors, keyboards, mice, headphones, gaming systems and games, HI-FI separates, speakers, MP3 players and so on. White goods such as fridges and ovens as well as small kitchen appliances such as toasters, coffee machines and kettles are also covered. We also provide some coverage for categories such as watches, baby strollers, car seats, perfumes & after-shave, garden tools, personal grooming products, toys, health and sports equipment.

What categories do you not provide scores or reviews for?

Movies on Blu-Ray or DVD, CD’s, books, jewellery, cosmetics, clothing, furniture, food and drink, as well as items which are not reviewed often or at all such as cables, printer inks, blank media, paper, non-consumer electrical items such as POS equipment

How should I supply my product information to TestFreaks?

Through either a CSV or an XML feed. TestFreaks has a separate document detailing the requirements for this.

How exactly does the TestFreaks badge work?

The TestFreaks badge is integrated on your website by loading a Javascript in the header of your pages. The script will pull product score and review information from the TestFreaks servers based on which URL the user currently is visiting, and then the badge will be displayed on your page in the location you have chosen. When a user clicks on the badge, an overlay window is opened with reviews and more detailed score information.

How do you match my products?

TestFreaks has developed an advanced auto-matching system which processes your product data and matches it to our database using EAN/UPC, manufacturer ID and product name. When it is not possible to match in this way, we have a team of people employed to perform the matching manually and we prioritize this based on the most commonly visited product pages.

I have a lot of products, how long will it take to match them?

That depends on the content of your product feed. For example, feeds that contain manufacturer SKU or EAN/UPC will be a lot quicker to match than those that don’t.

I use Etilize. Will this improve matching?

Generally, yes. Please include the ID in your product feed.

How many of my products will have score badges and reviews?

That depends on your product range. The more well known products always receive more reviews. Unknown manufacturers, local brands and chinese imports may have little content available.

How do you deal with bundles or colour variations?

We match the main part of the bundle (eg a camera). If there were 5 colour variations of the same product, they would all be matched to the same product, colour is irrelevant.

What happens when I add a new product to my site?

TestFreaks checks your product feed daily, so it shouldn’t be too long before a review badge is displayed - as long as there are reviews for it.

Do I need any special programming skills to implement the TestFreaks badge?

No, but you need to know how to edit a file on your site.

What files do I need to change?

This will depend on the platform you are using. An example could be “productdetails.php”

Where should I display the badge?

It’s up to you, but in order to achieve maximum effect, it should be placed in a prominent position on the product page.

Will my site need to go offline to integrate TestFreaks services?


Will my site be slower to load with the TestFreaks service?

It takes a split second to load the review data, so you won’t notice any delays. TestFreaks delivers and caches the badge through Akamai’s CDN, a top-tier content distribution network, to ensure fast performance globally regardless of where your site and your users are located.

I use an off the shelf shop front system, will it still work?

Our existing clients are using a wide variety of e-commerce platforms. Integration should be possible with any of them.

My site is not in English, do you support other languages?

Yes. The badge, overlay and other features are available in many languages including French, German, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Russian, even Chinese. Review content is also available in most common languages.

I don’t like the TestFreaks badge or the colour, can I change it? Can I design my own?


What about a white label solution?

We do have a white-label solution, please contact us for details.

Can I exclude certain sources of review content?

You can exclude all user reviews (and display only expert sources). You can exclude non-local language content, or you can specify certain sources to be hidden.

Can I hide negative reviews?

No! It is expected that there will be a certain number of negative reviews written. It's the overall opinion that counts, so a few bad reviews will increase confidence in the review data and increase conversion rate.

Can I only display scores over 7/10?

Yes, you can choose to only display scores over a certain amount if you so wish, but we recommend that you display all scores, for the reasons mentioned above regarding negative reviews.

I have more than one site. Can I include the same code on them all?

If they are exact copies, then it should be possible, if not, TestFreaks will need to configure each site separately.

Can you tell me how many people are clicking onto the review badge?

Yes, we send weekly reports showing the products and categories with the most clicks, and those with the most views. We also show coverage of your visitor traffic. We also offer the ability to integrate with your existing google analytics account so you can track usage there.

I’d like scores on my category listings pages too, is that possible?

With some additional coding, and a mini-feed from TestFreaks, you can include product scores on your listings pages. You’ll need some programming skills to implement this.

Does the badge work on a mobile phone?

Yes, we have optimized the badge overlay to display on all kinds of smart phones.

The “Write a review” feature

I already have a “write a review” feature on my site, and reviews have been written using it. What do I do with that once I start using TestFreaks?

Most sites don’t have a lot of content to worry about, so the easiest solution is to start afresh. If you do however have a lot of data, and you wish to keep it, TestFreaks will be pleased to assist you to move it to the new system. A fee may be payable.

What happens once a review has been written on my site?

Once the user submits the review, they will be sent an email for verification purposes. Once the email has been verified, the review will be sent to TestFreaks for moderation. Only after moderation and acceptance will the review appear on your site.

Who moderates reviews, a human or a machine?

TestFreaks’ human staff will moderate every review written on your site.

Do you only accept reviews that are positive?

No. All reviews, whether positive or negative are accepted as long as they are genuine reviews and meet the guidelines.

What are the guidelines for a review to be accepted?

The review should not contain bad language, advertising, libelous comments, personal information, links. The review should also be about the product, not the retailer, service or other aspects of the transaction.

Will TestFreaks correct bad spelling or grammar?

No, we will not edit reviews.

Can reviews be written in any language?

Yes, TestFreaks will moderate the content in any language, but you decide what languages to accept.

How long before a review appears on my site?

Once the user has verified their email address, reviews should normally appear within one or two working days.

Who owns reviews written on my site? Will my customers reviews be aggregated by TestFreaks and used on other sites?

That depends. You can retain exclusivity over your own customer reviews, or allow them to be shared.

Can reviews be written by someone who has not purchased the product from my site?

Yes, but an email validation and moderation process will still be carried out by TestFreaks.

How long can a review be?

There is no limit to the length of review.

Can I write reviews myself?

Yes, if you have an honest opinion about a product which you have used.

Can I modify the reviews written by my site visitors?

No. If you feel though that a particular review is not suitable, please contact TestFreaks who will re-examine the content.

What happens if I cancel the service? What happens to my reviews?

We hope that you will not cancel, but if you do, you can retain your review data.

How can I encourage more reviews to be written on my site?

Emailing your previous customers is the best way to encourage more content to be written. If you do not have the facility to do this yourself, TestFreaks can perform this service on your behalf.

Can I change the write review link to a flashy button?

Yes, you can design your own button to fit your site style.

Can my customers write reviews on a smart phone?

Yes, we have optimized the write a review option to be used on all types of devices.

Other questions

I prefer a more flexible integration than the badge offers. What’s available?

For more advanced integrations we offer “reviews in tabs” via an API or raw data feeds which can be used in anyway you like. You must have access to skilled developers to perform these integrations.

Can TestFreaks help with my Google rankings?

Your visitors will spend more time on site, so your rankings can increase due to that metric, but it can take time. We can also supply a feed to allow you to include review scores into rich snippets, again helping with your ranking and also your conversion from search.

How can I measure the success of the TestFreaks implementation?

We provide metrics for the service through our weekly report, and can feed directly into your google analytics to show the uplift due to reading of review content. We can also run surveys among your users to get their opinion about our review service.

How long are your contracts?

Our standard contract is 12 months.

How much does it all cost?

We take various things into account before arriving at a monthly fee, please contact us to discuss your requirements. What we can say though is that there is no setup fee, and we work with businesses large and small.