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What About TestFreaks?

Let us explain what we are about, we want to make your life a little bit easier and help you find better and smarter products. We are tired of seeing big brands pumping out sub-par products and live of their good old name and leaving us as consumers in believing that if it's from "insert big brand name here" then it must be good. Lets face it they are big brands because they produce or have produced great products so we are not here to rack down on the big brands but we are here to give you transparency when you search for products and help you stay away from sub-par products. We are a company independent from pressure of big brands and lobbyist trying to push a certain product or a knowledge of their version of the truth. We want you to find and listen to every voice about the products, the good, the bad and the ugly because you deserve to know as much as possible before you put up your wallet and buy "insert your favorite product" here.

So you might ask how can we provide this service? What we do is that we crawl the web for all relevant information we can find about all products we can find, we know it's ambitious and a tedious project but thats why we want to do it for you so you can sit back and relax and find the information in one place instead of a billion places. When we are out crawling the web we collect structured information from over 60 countries and tens of thousands of sites that talk about the products you want to hear about. This also means that when you enter a TestFreaks site you will get the most relevant local information first but you can also dig into information from other countries that could be useful. The grades of the reviews from experts and users from other countries can often be helpful even if you don't understand the language.

Many of the sites we crawl we do a manual review on to make sure it's up to our quality standards, this goes for all sites featuring reviews for example since we need to be able to determine if an expert reviewer has really tested the product or not. For review sites there are two main requirements, namely that the person who has done the review has actually tested the product and that they are able to put their opinions in to readable English (or any of the 60 other languages we support). However every expert reviewer doesn't have to run the product through rigorous benchmarks and spend hundreds of hours with it it's nice to be able to chose if you want to read a 30 page review of a product or if a simple but well written one page review is enough. In the end we always recommend reading as many reviews as you find time to do.

If you feel that we are missing some quality information please send us an e-mail with what source you think we should add.

What information can you find at TestFreaks?

You are greeted with a homepage that shows you current hot products and current top rated products as well as a live-search and category navigation. Going on into the category level you can filter on different features or price-sets as well as sort on top-ranked products or compare your prospective products. There is one page thats just a little bit more important at TestFreaks then the other pages and thats the product pages were you can find the following information:

  • Expert reviews - Well they are experts and the more voices you hear the more nuances you will get.

  • User opinions - Although they may vary in quality they make up for it quantity and the length of their hands on experience with the products.

  • Manufacturers descriptions - This is how the manufacturer describes the product, as you would imagine they mostly focus around the products amazing strengths and uniqueness.

  • WikiFreak description - We know a strange sounding name but this is our users objective description of the product and you are free to add to the description but if you're not objective our moderators well remove your input.

  • Manufactures specification - All the details the manufacturer thinks you need to know about the products performance statistics and measurements.

  • Prices - We do our best to find as many retail pries as we can and we do also search around for the merchant ratings from many different places so that you can pick both a price thats to your liking and a merchant thats trustworthy. We list merchants in order of the lowest price first and we treat all merchants equally.

  • Q&A - If you can't find the answer in any of the above places you can ask our growing community a question or for that matter help out and answering questions that you might know the answer to.

  • Images - It's pretty nice to see the product in an array of different images.

  • Freak Score - This is something you should pay attention to because it's the meta-grade of all the expert and user reviews we have found for the product which makes it a little bit easier comparing products and sorting out the weed. You can read a longer description about the Freak Score here.

  • Pros & Cons - Based on a semantic analysis of the reviews we find what is being brought forward as the foremost pros and cons about the product.

Why do we do this?

In 1999 we started a price comparison site called PriceRunner with the goal to help users find cheaper prices and force merchants to be more competitive. PriceRunner became and still is a successful business but when we sold PriceRunner in 2004 we felt that we could do something even better hence we started TestFreaks in late 2006. We are well on our way and TestFreaks is currently available in 40 markets/languages but we set high standards for ourselves and we are still early on in the development of TestFreaks so you should expect to see a lot more from us in the future. Opinions and suggestions about the site or feature request are always welcome so send us your comments via e-mail.

Founders, Investors and Background

Kristofer Arwin, co-founder
Swedish citizen. Born in 1970. He co-founded TestFreaks in 2006, and prior to that he was also the co-founder of the price comparison site PriceRunner in 1999, which was then sold to the Nasdaq listed company ValueClick in 2004. Mr. Arwin has also worked as COO at the eCommerce web site Paletten during 1998/99. Mr. Arwin has a B. Sc. in Business Administration and Economics from the Stockholm University. Mr. Arwin is a non-executive Director of TradeDoubler AB, Unibet Group plc, Stagepool and Alertsec AB.

About Kristofer and the first meeting with Northzone

Magnus Wiberg, co-founder
Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management from Sweden and Australia. Management Trainee Schneider Electric 1 yr. Marketing Manager, France and Nordic Zone 2 yrs. Founder and Director for International roll-out etc. PriceRunner 6 yrs.

Martin Alexanderson, co-founder
Studied Computer Science at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Founder Aladdin Kommunikation (web hosting, software development) 1996. Launched pris.nu price comparison site 1997. Founder and CTO PriceRunner 6 yrs.

Pär-Jörgen Pärson, Investor, Northzone Ventures
Pär-Jörgen holds an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics (1989) and Université Commerciale Luigi Bocconi in Milan. Pär-Jörgen speaks Swedish, English, Italian, German and French.

In our Stockholm office we currently employ 15 people and in virtual offices around the world around 50 more.