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  • why is system shutting off by itself

    system shuts off by itself. Am I missing a programming issue here

  • connecting theSS370

    How do i connect my PC to the 370?

  • Why does my receiver keep turning off automatically?

    My receiver keeps turning off automatically, but only when I play CDs or the tuner. It works fine when I have the TV or BluRay player running. I've checked to make sure the sleep timer and auto standby are turned off. I can't find a reason why it keeps turning off. Anyone ever had this problem?

  • how would you compare Sony HT-SS370 to philips hts 8140

  • Subwoofer outpout

    Hi. With this being a component system, am I able to hook up another type subwoofer that has more power or do I have to use the one that's included only?

  • Accessories

    I want to buy one! However, what other accessories must I buy with this unit to get full capability?

  • how many hdmi inputs?