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  • Flickering every 10-15 seconds or so after hooking cable box up

    I have hooked my cable box up to the sound system and then the sound system up to the tv...it's all sony, the cable box runs fine off the tv alone but when I hook it up to the sound system (all with HDMI cables)it flickers every 10-15 seconds for a couple seconds then is fine again but repeats which is annoying...just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or may know what may be causing it?

  • about hooking up.

    how do u get it to just hook up with hdmi cables it works with optical but will not sync.

  • I need to know the best adjustments for system. I am using HDMI

  • Sudden Problem with CT100

    My new system seemed to be set up properly and working. HDMI cables from components to SW, HDMI from SW to TV, and optical cable from SW to TV. I was watching TV and the SW was set to SAT (for the cable). I changed the station and suddenly both the picture and the sound started flashing - cutting in and out - and the info on the SW kepy changing from SAT to 5.1 and back and forth. I tried changing stations, turning everything off and on - no luck, In fact, when I turned off the TV, it appeared off (no signal light and no picture) but the cut-up sound kept coming.

    Can anyone tell me what's happening and how to fix it? Is it a bad unit?


  • How do I connect the sound bar to my pc?

    How do I connect the sound bar to my PC?

  • how do i connect my laptop to my speakers ?

  • sony ht-ct100

    works great with my sony blu-ray but cant get any so und out of my phillips 42" lcd tv, hooked up hdmi cable and red and white audio cables, whats up ?

  • Sony HT-CT 100 & Bluetooth

    Does this sound bar have a bluetooth connection?

  • how does the speaker bar connect to the subwoofer?

    the main connections appear to be behind the subwoofer. how does the speaker bar connect to the subwoofer? is it wireless or wired?