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  • i pod touch

    hod do i get my i pod touch to work with my sony system got it in the cradle but nothin happens

  • Help with the DAV-HDX589W

    Mmk, I'll admit first that I'm a newb, my experience with home theater systems is minimal to non-existent. I got everything hooked up, set up and calibrated per the operators manual and I'm still having some issues. All of my source feeds (Cable, PS3, Xbox) are still hooked directly into the TV with an optical audio cable running source from TV to the Home Theater brain for sound. For some god awful reason, I can hear my Xbox/PS3 when at the main menu's/dashboards. However, when I Jump into a game I lose all sound. When watching regular cable (I have an HDMI Cable running from an HD box) I can hear 2 channel sound but there's a horrible lagging echo from the Home theater system that I can't seem to figure out how to fix. The Sync feature for sound to screen is only available when watching a DVD.

    Any help here?

    Should I run the optical from the PS3, forget using it for regular TV and run the AV stereo cables from the component setup on the xbox to the brain? That way I have surround sound for DVD's, BR's and Xbox? Also.. For some reason, it can't figure out what the signal coming in from my cable box is in Dolby Digital but wont play in 5.1. This is so freakin' confusing.