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  • does the DVD player for the HDX576WF play HD DVDs?

    does the dvd player for the HDX576WF play HD DVDs ?

  • HDMI connections, Sat or Home Theater

    Hooked up my system with HDMI cable. When I punch source on my Samsung LCD TV it brings up all components. When I select HDMI home theater it bring up the screen but it won't bring up the TV. What am I doing wrong

  • Color not very good

    When playing a DVDE the color is not very vivid. Everything is mostly greenish yellow or blue, there really aren't any reds. Any ideas on what I can do to fix this. The color to the TV is great, just not when playing a DVD.

  • wireless internet integration?

    Is there any chance Sony thought to allow this to pick up the wireless connection from my internet so that I can stream online radio (Pandora.com is awsome)? And I've gotten conflicting information - does the system have all surround sound speakers wireless (with a kit sold seperately)?

  • Rear Wireless speakers not working.

    I recently purchased this system and I can only get the rear wireless speakers to work when the dvd/receiver is set to DVD. Therefore I do not receive any sound from them when set to TV or SAT/CABLE. Any suggestions?