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  • how to fix prot report when turn on your ht-z320

  • sound keeps going in and out how can i fix this problem?

    I have wireless rear speakers and the sound keeps fading in and out, how can i fix this problem?

  • sound keeps going in and out how can i fix this problem?

  • Karoke problem

    When i hook it up and play Karoke Disc, Is there a button the remote that can select the sound on and off instead of going to the menu everytime seletcted Karoke version?

  • help please? HT Z320

    I have read the reivews and this is easily the best review this system has gotten from the sites i have visited. I have read mostly positive reviews those so that gives me hope. Anyway I have got this system for Christmas after asking for the previous model. I just want to make sure before I open it it is all the previous system and more. I m getting this system to go along with a PS3 and I was hoping that it still provided the same quailty and sound that the same one did.

  • i need to know how to hook up the system to a samsung 42"plasma

    i need to know about how to hook up the system to the tv i have a samsung 42" plasma and would really like to know how thanks for insight i can get

  • remote control????

    Does it come with a remote control as I didn't seem to get one in the box and I cant figure out how to use the DVD fully without one