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  • help needed in purchase of home entertainment system

    i am trying to purchase a home entertainment system. Basically I need to have just one unit that can connect to ten different locations without compromising on sound and video quality. which system is not too expensive that can do this and what else do I need in addition to this to ensure a seamless connection?. I also need the speakers to be wall mounting. I am completely clueless on the system and model to buy. Someone had recommended the bose lifestyle 48 (or 38) series IV with the SA-3 or 2 Amplifier. HELP needed urgently. key areas- output; ability to connect to other devices and cost

  • best home theater system?

    im looking for a system thats 2.1 or a soundbar that has a blu ray dvd player, hdmi outputs, ipod compatibilty, and great sound quality... any suggestions?

  • Is there a good home theater system without speakers?

  • Making old Home Theater System with USB compatible.

    How do I connect external USB drive to Sony DAV-DZ151KB DVD Home Theater System ?
    Normally it wouldn't support this, Can I use any adapters ?

    It has only s-video out, component video out, AM/FM out, & audio channels ?

    Otherwise, I will go for buying another in-built USB supporting system.
    Then pls guide me to buy a good one.

  • best htib with wireless rear speakers

    what is the best htib (best value for money, not most expensive) with wireless rears?

  • klipsch and yamaha

    am baying a ymaha rxv 3900 and klipsch rf 83
    i look in may lookal market and this the best avilapel companation
    and i need to now if it work together

  • diopol

    wat is diobol and piobol

  • wat is it mean piobol

    helo ther
    wat is the dp and wat is( piobol and diobol)in some home theater systems
    and finaly wat is the exebted destortion
    thank you

  • home theater

    Hi guys i'm in a pickle i had a nuance system with a harmon kardon amp till it recently was stoll, i bought it manny years ago so im kinda lost when it comes to whats good any more. please any suggestions for loud music and ultimate surround.

  • HTIB, or BOSE speakers and then a seperate receiver?

    Where will I get my best quality bang for my buck for a complete home theater system. (home theater in a box) VS. buying a bose speaker setup and a separate receiver. I need help and do not want to break the bank either.

  • recommendation????

    m mostly playin hd movies through my laptop.. my room size is 12x14ft .. i m confused between 'bose cinemate gsII' and 'yamaha yas-71' as i dont want to rum wires all-over... m from india.. yas price is about 46000 bucks and bose cinemate cost around 50000 bucks.. so i can go either way....after reading so many good reviews about yas-71 m bit confused..... help me...

  • Onkyo HTIB vs. Pieced together set.

    OK, so after a lot of time reviewing things and taking a lot of Excedrin from the headaches that ensued I think that I have narrowed it down to what I will get. Please let me know your opinions and what you think. Below are the 2 set-ups that I am deciding between:

    Onkyo HT-S6200 HTIB 7.1ch($550)


    Receiver: Denon AVR-1610($380) 5.1ch
    Speakers: Klipsch Quintet III($249)
    Sub: Polk Audio PSW110 200w Sub($130-$250 depending on sales)

    Either of these systems would have a PS3 going into it for gaming/Blu-Ray/DVD. Using a Samsung LN52a550 for a TV.

    I understand that I could go to the Klipsch Quintet IV's, but for the +$300 price tag did not see the point since the Quintet III's spec out to almost the same with the only difference being the horn on the speakers. I did have a lot of trouble deciding on the receiver... I finally settled on the Denon AVR1610. Couldn't really find anything against it. I did consider other Denon, Onkyo, and the Yamaha 465, 565, 665, and 765 series. The 1610 just seemed to be the right one. As far as the sub goes I know I could go more expensive, just didn't see the point. Any suggestions that anyone has would be helpful. Or, if you think I'm close to a good setup please let me know.

  • Which is best? Which one to buy?

    I realize that this is a hard question. There is so much out there it gets confusing. I just need to know which system to buy. Don't worry about what is best for me or someone else. I have an L shaped room which is about 35x50 the tv is in the bottom of the L. I need to know which HTIB you would recommend and which build your own components system you would recommend. If the snswer costs to much money I will start to save. I just want to get a good system it does not have to be the best. Thanks for your help

  • Does a Displayport connector contain audio?

  • Home Theater Systems

    would the Sony Bravio sound system with Paradigm speakers be a better sounding system?

  • HTIB Sony vs. Onkyo

    I've spent the last couple of weeks looking for a home theater and have done a lot of search.

    I'm now not sure if I should go for the Sony DAV-HDX275 or Sony DAV-HDX576WF or get put couple of more hundred $ and but the Onkyo S6100.

  • I am looking for a wireless system for a Pioneer pfp5016hd- any


  • does surround sound work with only a cd or reg tv channels

    does surround sound work on basic channels or just cd's

  • need a budget 5.1 for sony xbr 46' lcd