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  • This Product or Coby CSP96???

    I am currently looking into buying a home theater system for my room, and at first I was going to look into a more powerful system but I realize I cannot have something too powerful because of the noise in my room with thin walls and neighbors nearby etc. However I was looking into both these Sound Systems (Philips Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer and Coby CSP96) and wasnt sure which to pick. The Soundbar with the woofer rlly interested me, but im not 100% sure bc i saw reviews of some ppl having difficulty or some negative comments. Likewise with the Coby CSP96. I was solely wondering which of these two is better?? I am aware Coby CSP96 is cheaper but in this case is irrelevant because with Dell I have Monetary credit that will lower the price of the Philips Significantly. Which will sound better, perform better, or overall be better???

    Also I am looking for something not too expensive due to my budget which is why I made the comment about the Dell Credit for the soundbar. But Thank You anyway for the suggestion. Im just still unsure of which to choose. The fact that the Philips can be conttrolled (including volume) from Remote is tempting (The Coby cant be remote controlled)...but still I will see which is best. If anyone has an opinion I rlly appreciate answers. ALSO just to note I have an HDTV Samsung, which sound system would go better with it? I saw one review about the Philips saying it has an HDMI port which sounds great but is it really the better buy?

    Thank You in advance and I hope to hear your response